We manufacture a wide range of industrial Stability Chambers / Stability Cooling Chambers, that are provided with microprocessor based PID regulator along with auto tuning feature and has inbuilt humidity sensors to measure it in relative solid state. These industrial stability chambers are highly functional and offer maximum efficiency that is a result of our latest manufacturing technology.


» Temperature Range: 10oC to 60oC
» Temp. Control: +0.1 oC Temp
» Uniformity: ±0.3oC
» Relative Humidity: 40% to 98% RH
» Humidity Control: +1% RH
» Humidity Uniformity: ±3% RH
» Materials/Finishes: Standard Model
» Interior Cabinet all S.S. LM304 grade
» Exterior Cabinet: powder coated metal
» GMP Model: Interior Cabinet all S.S. LM316 mirror finish
» Exterior Cabinet: S.S. LM304 grade dull finish