Water Still/ Wall Mounting Manufacturers And Exporters

Water Still/ Wall Mounting is a filtered water which is utilised for drinking in home and houses. They are having a lots of available stock in the market. The purpose of this machine is to make distilled water with a pure quality of water. This machine is made by the stainless steel.

* The unit is recommended for making pyrogen free distilled water of a very high degree of purity 
* Made out of S.S. special kettle element is fitted with Ejection Device/Auto Cut for safety of the element in case water supply is stopped 
* The cock fitted to the unit is of brass C.P. A wall mounting clamp is provided with the unit but without rubber tubing
* Supplied with cord and plug to work on 220/230 volts A.C


Capacity Load
2 ltrs per hr 1.5 KW
4 ltrs per hr 3.0 KW
6 ltrs per hr 4.0 KW
8 ltrs per hr 6.0 KW
10 ltrs per hr 8.0 KW