Water Cooled Generators Manufacturers And Exporters

These are the generators which is used for cooling the water and these are also some main element of it easy to operate, satisfied performance, and diverse models. Water Cooled Generators are also used in the telecommunication industry.

*  Complete Power Ideas from Genset selection to Total Power Management
*  Multiple sets for higher kVA requirements
* Aesthetically superior, compact, fully integrated, weather proof Acoustic Enclosures

*  Lowest Operating Costs and extremely reliable
*  State of the Art Engine & Genset Control System
*  Ideally suitable for critical industries like Constructions, Manufacturing, Textile, Telecom, Services etc.
*  Authorized Sales & Service Outlet in your neighborhood
*  2 years / 5000 Hours warranty

*  15 to 1000 kVA Range
*  Air Cooled & Water Cooled technology, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 Cylinder configurations
*  Highest Reliability and Economy
*  Auto belt tensioning system, resulting in increased belt life
*  Modular Design, No external piping
*  Ease of Maintenance
*  Most rugged engine in 2,3,4 and 6 cylinder configuration. Specially designed for heavy duty application
*  Wet liner design ensures high reliability and low maintenance cost
*  Lowest power to weight ratio in its class
*  Low fuel and oil consumption
*  Flat SFC curve from 50 to 100% loads, unmatched fuel economy and lowest generating cost
*  Electronic governor for Isochronous governing and paralleling operations

*  Compact Design
*  Best in Class Efficiency
*  Better value for money
*  Low vibration Levels
*  Positive voltage built-up
*  Special windings to reduce harmonics
*  State of the art, compact & high performance AVR
*  Epoxy gel coating to suit various environment conditions

*  Advanced & Best in Class Design
*  Compact and aesthetically superior
*  Fully meeting CPCB norms of 75 dBA @ 1Mtr