B.O.D Incubator (Standard & GMP Model) Manufacturers And Exporters

We offer optimum quality B.O.D Incubator (Standard & GMP Model) in heating and cooling temperature range - 5 ° C to 50 ° C with ± 1 ° C. It is widely used in physical /chemical/biological laboratories for preservation of vaccines (insulin and liver extracts), Serological and compliment fixation tests and Enzymatic digestion process.

*  Type: Standard GMP Model
*  Material: Stainless Steel
*  Usage: Chicken, Reptile, Bird, Emu, Ostrich
*  Auto- Temperature: Auto-humidity

*  Double walled cabinet insulated with fine mineral wall of 75mm thickness
*  Housing: Outside-epoxy powder coated MS sheet
*  Inside chamber material: Anodized aluminum
*  Double action hydraulic type thermostat for temperature control
*  Evaporator coil, sealed heating and thermostat sensing element in the air duct at the back side
*  Three adjustable anodized shelves (perforated)
*  Noiseless and protected compressor along with a fan cooled condensing coil
*  Full view of inner acrylic door for inspection
*  For inside air circulation, F.H. Motor's two fans
*  'L' shaped prismatic thermometer (Range: -0oC to 5oC)
*  Control panel indicators: Main, Heating & Cooling
*  Outer door construction: Double walled fitted with magnetic gasket
*  Illumination lamp operated by door
*  For above & below the room temperature, equipped with volt meter, temperature setting knob and selective switch
*  Power supply: 220/230 Volts (A.C.: 50 Hz.)
*  Optional device: Electronic digital read out, timer and interior illumination
*  Integrated with Voltage stabilizer